Click on Image above to see larger view.
Click on Image above to see larger view.

Embroidery Adapter Plate

This embroidery plate holds up to 8 spools of embroidery thread allowing the user to line the spools up in order of colors used during embroidery. Slide this plate onto the Hero Thread Stand and start sewing!

Made of durable plastic with metal spool pins.

Directions for use:

Remove the thread guide pole and thumbscrew from the Hero Thread Stand.

Slide center hole in plate over the pole of the thread stand, aligning the spool pin of the thread stand with the outer hole in the embroidery plate.

Put the thread guide pole back in sleeve.

Move position of thread guide pole over selected spool color and set in place with thumbscrew.

For next color change, loosen thumbscrew and swivel the thread guide pole over the selected spool and set thumbscrew .